The Aldelle Group

Synopsis 1 - Super Rat is Born

Note: These are only brief outlines of what happened in these sessions. For a more detailed accounting click the link at the bottom of each session entry.

Session 1

The village of Aldelle was a pleasant place to live. A farming community, it received some periodic trade in the form of travelling merchants. When the merchants started disappearing, three travelers, Wednesday, Harkaitz of the Red Soul, and “Electric” Frankie Hu, volunteered to investigate. During their search, they ran across an elderly man named Tim, who gave them a map of a place in the mountains that he “found.” When they went to check it out, everything seemed fine….until they ran across some Goblins keeping watch. The party rushed them and made short work of them. Pushing forward, the group found a goblin barracks and a fight ensued. After the fight was over, the group was in need of healing, especially Wednesday (2 hp), which Harkaitz provided. While searching the bodies, they found one of the goblins was still alive but unconscious. Following a rather rude awakening, the party questioned him and learned that there were enough goblins in the complex to wipe Aldelle off the map. Wanting to warn the villagers, the trio returned to town and told the sheriff of the goblins and turned over their prisoner.

Dyson’s Delve – Session 1

Session 2 – Part 1

As the adventurers began to head out back towards the caves, they were joined by a human woman named Sahar, who seemed to be handy with a sword. After rechecking all the areas they had searched previously to verify they were still clear, the group pressed forward. The map given to them by Old Man Tim had an area they still hadn’t searched so they made their way there, only to find the the passage had been boarded up and had a skull painted on the boards. Curious to see what was inside, the group decided to pry off the boards and venture in. Behind one of the doors inside was a crypt full of skeletons which were instantly destroyed by Harkaitz’s channeled energy. In the next room was a gold-plated sarcophagus. When Wednesday knocked on it, something inside began moving. Sahar lifted the lid allowing Harkaitz to channel energy into it, but it was still “alive”. It was finally destroyed after Sahar slammed the lid back on it following a flurry of blows from Frankie.

Dyson’s Delve – Session 2 Part 1

Session 2 – Part 2

After killing the zombie, a detect magic spell revealed the sword it was buried with was magical, and Sahar was more than happy to make use of it. After making their way through the rest of the area, the party found an empty water basin. After some investigation the party learned that pouring water into the basin turned it into holy water which they then did with one of their water skins. Having fully explored the area, they returned to the gold sarcophagus. They proceeded to scrape all the gold off the sides, and set the lid off to the side for them to pick up later. To ensure no goblins would make off with it, they boarded up the door again. The group then decided to explore down some stairs they had seen earlier. Before they could venture down the stairs, they had to fight a group of rats which drew the attention of a goblin patrol. After dealing with this the party, moved down the stairs cautiously. Once they reached the bottom, they saw a door straight ahead, and could hear goblins inside. After kicking the door open, the band of adventurers rushed in, starting a fight. Once all the goblins were dead and the hobgoblin bartender was taken prisoner, the party made their way back to the surface, stopping only long enough to grab the gold scrapings and sarcophagus lid.

Dyson’s Delve – Session 2 Part 2


All adventure logs that will be posted here come after almost a year of gaming in this campaign (time REALLY flies when you’re having a good time, eh?). This is the first campaign is my first time DM’ing and the only tabletop RPG experience I had before this was a game that only lasted a few months. Not surprisingly, this is also going to be the first time I’m going to be writing up adventure logs for a campaign. All I ask is that you bear with me as I write these because it’s going to take me a while to really get the hang of it and the first few are bound to sound like a robot put em up here.

For anybody that wants to read the logs of what’s happened previous to the posting on this website, they are all posted online at Bugbears for Breakfast, a blog maintained by one of the players in the game. The logs you’re looking for are tagged as either “Dyson’s Delve” or “The Aldelle Group”. The Dyson’s Delve logs cover the very beginning of the campaign when I was using a dungeon made by someone else so I could get the hang of running a game before I had to create my own dungeons and populate them, etc. The Aldelle Group logs are all my material that began once I felt comfortable enough running a game to begin creating my own stuff.

The party is also in 2 separate groups at this point. The logs for the weekday group will be notated with a D next to the session number, and the weekend group will be notated with an E next to the session number. Any criticism on the logs that you have is more than welcome. I realize that I’m human and make mistakes and I’m always looking for ways to improve.


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